Skip Logic is a great feature that can make your quizzes more efficient and improve your data quality. It helps you deliver relevance--your quiz and survey participants skip questions that aren't relevant, based upon their previous answers. This means you can capture deeper insights on certain topics from certain people, sparing others questions that aren't as relevant. You'll love the insights; they'll appreciate your keeping it brief.

Skip Logic is available only for multiple-choice questions that allow for only a single answer choice to be selected. You can apply to skip logic in the “Add/Edit Question” modal by pressing the Skip Logic tab:

The easiest way to use Skip Logic is to simply skip questions that do not apply to the quiz participant. Let’s say you want to gather data about transportation trends and you are especially interested in knowing more about cars. Skip Logic allows you to ask car owners more detailed questions while the person who doesn’t own a car can go straight to the next question:

Tip #1: When you want to create a survey/quiz with skip logic it is best to start by creating the full survey/quiz with all the questions and then apply the logic after that.

Tip #2: Before launching your survey/quiz always “Preview” it and try the different paths to make sure it works as you want it to.

We strongly recommend using Skip Logic only for surveys or outcome quizzes. Be aware that if you use skip logic for a Scored Quiz and allow participants to skip scored questions, the final score will include the skipped questions. For example, let’s say your quiz contains 10 questions and it is possible to skip one of them. The quiz participant who answers 9/9 correctly and skips one question will get a final score of 90%, as the skipped question will be included and scored as incorrect (just as if the person saw, but did not answer, the question).

Hope you find Skip Logic helpful!