This article explains how to share an interaction via email in a way that gets very high engagement: Putting the 1st question in the body of an HTML email, and letting people start taking the interaction from their email.

Before embedding your interaction make sure that it is published and the "Start Date and Time" have already passed. Otherwise, the interaction won’t be visible when embedded in your site.

Although you won’t be able to deliver your entire interaction via email, we will explain how to embed the first interaction question as a teaser. As soon as a person clicks an answer in the email, we record it. After that, she is redirected to the first page of your interaction so she can continue taking the rest.

To embed the first question in the email go to the “Deliver” tab, scroll down to the “Embed Your 1st Question in an Email (or on the web)” section. In the first line “Full URL of page containing interaction (required)” paste your website link. After you pasted it press the button “Generate Code”.

You will get HTML code that you can paste into your email marketing platform. This is what pasting in the code looks like in MailChimp:

Note: You can paste code into email distribution software like MailChimp or Get Response. However, everyday email services such as Gmail, Yahoo! or Outlook do not support this function (or at least not very easily) so it’s best to use this with an email service provider’s platform.

Below you can see an example of what the 1st interaction question looks like in email: