Your affiliates and sponsors will likely appreciate the data you can capture on their behalf via CredSpark. However, if you’re regularly downloading and emailing reports to third parties, you may wonder if there’s a more efficient way to share your quiz and survey data with people outside your organization, without sharing your login credentials (which is a bad idea.)  

Or, perhaps you’ve got a person or two inside your organization who needs access to the data, but who shouldn’t have any editing permissions around the quiz and survey content (because creating and editing content isn’t their job.)

Good news: For clients in certain license tiers, CredSpark has solutions for each of these needs. To share data outside your organization, you’ll want to use 3rd Party Sharing and to share data within your organization, you’ll want to set up
Data-Only User
accounts. Read on...

3rd Party Sharing

To share your quiz data reports go to the “Data & Analytics” tab and check the “Share Results With 3rd Parties” checkbox:

Here you will find the sharing link, access code, and expiration date. You email the Sharing link to the 3rd party individual(s) and provide them with the Access Code. You can also set a date after which the link won’t be accessible anymore.

You can allow 3rd parties to filter results. Read more about filtering here.

Also, you’ll note that you can check/uncheck specific reports you want to share with 3rd parties (so you don’t have to share ALL the data if you don’t want to.)

To access the reports for your quiz/survey, the 3rd party is required to enter the access code you sent to them.  Below is what they see at the sharing link:

After entering the access code, they will only see your quiz/survey title and the buttons to run reports:

Data-Only User

To create a Data-Only User account you need to be an Admin on the Organization level or a Team Manager on a Team level. You will need to go to your preferred team's account and create a "Data Only User' there. Once you are in the preferred team account, click on "Settings" top left (#1 in the screenshot). You will be dropped to Team settings. There, click on a "+" on the right (#2) and invite a person to become a "Data Only User" on that team.

Once you invite a person to become a “Data-User Only” account and they accepted the invitation, they can log in and access data in CredSpark platform:

This is what the “Data-User Only” login looks like:

Check this article to learn more about Results Report types.