A Poll is a very easy way to quickly measure collective opinion on a topic. A person answers a single question (opinion, vote, etc.) and then sees how everyone else responded.

To create and publish the poll:

1) Create a Poll

2) Add Questions

3) Customize the Design

4) Preview & Publish


Step One: Create a Poll

To create your first poll press the “NEW” button in the upper-right corner of your account. 

The pop-up window allows you to choose the type of interaction:

To start, hover over "Poll" and press the “Create New” button. Once you select the poll you will be directed to the “Create/Edit” tab where you write the title and internal notes of the poll:

After the poll title and the internal notes are already in place it is a good time to start creating the question by pressing the button “Add Question”.

Step Two: Add Questions

Once you press the “Add Question” button you will see this modal appear:

In the “Question Text” section you can format text to bold, italicize, underline, or hyperlink.

Further font/color editing can be done in “Design”. We will discuss that in the “Customize the Design” step. 

Once you are done with your question press the “Create Question” button.

Note: A poll allows you to use just multiple choice question type since a poll is used specifically to allow people to vote. However, as you’ll see in the image above, you can give participants the chance to type in their own ‘Other’ option if none of the answer choices listed is what they’d vote for.

Step Three: Customize the Design

When your question is written and saved you can edit it/add a picture/add answer explanations or delete it with the buttons in the lower-right of the question:

In the “Design” tab you can Customize Your Poll. You can change text font, size, color,  button style as well as the background color to perfectly match your site, so the poll appears to be a completely native part of your site.

You can further customize how your poll will look like after someone hits the answer in Results View:

By clicking the pencil icon on the “Comparison Chart” block you will open the editor where you can change Poll bars color and Poll text color. Hide Response Totals toggle allows you to choose between displaying the total number of responses or % of votes. 

Step Four: Preview & Publish

Before publishing a poll, try it out in the “Preview” mode. You can find it in the upper-right corner of your account or in the bottom-right corner. 

Preview mode allows you and your colleagues to see how your poll will appear when published and embedded in your site. You can share the link (simply copy the “Preview” URL) with your team where other people can test the poll and leave their feedback in the comments section.

After you’ve reviewed and made your last changes it is time to bring your poll to life. To do so you need to select the “Publish” link, which you can find right next to the “Preview” link.

Last, but not least, embed the poll into your site. You can find the embed code in the “Deliver tab. For more detailed instructions on how to embed your interaction to a website, click here. If you want to embed your interaction's 1st question into an email, click here.

Furthermore, you can get a Direct Link and set the Open and Close Dates

Hurray! You just learned how to publish your first Poll.