This article explains how to use registration in your interactions. In the “Registration” tab, you are able to adjust registration rules and customize the registration fields.

You can use interactions to simply engage your audience or you can require respondents to register in order to see their results - this helps to have a better picture of your audience or convert respondents into leads.

Adjust Registration Rules

In the “Registration” tab you will find two checkboxes which you may choose (or not) to check:

Require Registration - when selected, the participants will be required to register before viewing their results. This checkbox is essential to capture leads & other individual data.

If you check this checkbox you will see the following option:

Require Registration, Even if Previously Registered - when selected, the participants who completed the CredSpark interaction before and already registered will be forced to register again. This option is intended to be used when you want the same member of your audience to either (1) provide additional information about himself/herself beyond what you currently have or (2) register a 2nd time to become a qualified lead for a different sponsor, advertiser or event from the prior registration she completed.  We encourage you to think about this option within the context of how you’d like your ongoing interaction/relationship with the participant to work.

Set Registration Fields as Default - when active, this registration form will default for all interactions that are created in your account. Please only select if your registration questions do not change from interaction to interaction.

Registration Form Headline allows you to change the text which participants will see at the end of the interaction if registration is required before viewing their results.

Don’t forget to save all changes!

This is what the registration page usually looks like by default:

Customize the registration fields

You can also customize the registration fields. The registration field types are very similar to the question types. Below are a few additional details about the registration field types. Once you select your question type, you can set the registration question to be optional or required:

You can choose the type of field from various options:

Multiple Choice

Allows participants to select single or multiple answer options (you can select the number of options in Maximum Selections which is located below Field Type).

Short Answer

The short answer field type consists of an open text field for the user to type an answer.

Long Answer

The long answer field type consists of an open text field for the user to type an answer.


Use this question type when you want participants to indicate their agreement or non-agreement with specific information or requests. The checkbox can be set to be checked by default.


This question type is a single choice scale question usually known as Likert scale.

Star rating

Ask respondents to rate statements on a visual scale of stars.

Phone number

A registration field for phone numbers. This answer field includes validation that a phone number is entered in order to continue/submit.

Country Select

A registration field that automatically populates the countries.

State/Province Select

A registration field that automatically populates the states.

Year Select

A registration field that automatically populates years.

Image Select

The Image Select question type allows you to add pictures as answer choices. Click here for the detailed instruction on how to create an image select question.


The Matrix type allows the evaluation of several items using the same answer options. You might find it useful when you have a series of rating (like Likert scale) questions. Click here for detailed instructions on how to create a matrix question.

Drag & Drop - Order, Match

The Drag & Drop question type allows users to interact with questions by dragging and dropping answer choices. There are two Drag & Drop question types:

  • Drag/Drop Order (people have to put things in the correct order).
  • Drag/Drop Match (people have to correctly match up two lists).

Click here for the detailed instruction on how to create a drag & drop question.


Slides are a unique audience engagement feature that allows you to embed slides within your interaction or registration form. Click here for detailed instructions on how to create a slide.

Registration Field Skip Logic

You can also include skip logic for registration fields. If you would like your audience to skip fields based on their response to a specific registration form field, you can add that logic once a field is created. 

Select from the Skip Logic tab to set the desired skip logic: